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Day 33

July 2, 2010 5 comments

Location: Chicago, IL

I arrived at Tanya and Alberto’s home in Northern Chicago around 8:30 last night.  With Tanya away for the night on business, Alberto took me out to grab a bite.  It wasn’t long after that I was ready to crash, as my body was still on east coast time.  Had an amazing night of rest.  I didn’t get much sleep in Indiana and I think it caught up with me.

For the majority of  the day I was, effectively, a bum.  Slept in a bit, did some work on the computer, read a little bit (Stephen Colbert is hilarious), and played some wii.  Although Tanya and Alberto thought I might go a little stir-crazy, I enjoyed the break from the driving and doing nothing at all is pretty relaxing at times.

Eventually both Tanya and Alberto were home and they took me out to get some authentic deep-dish pizza.  I guess Pizzeria Uno’s does not count, so this was my first time having deep dish.  Absolutely delicious…it’s a shame that one slice will fill you up.

Returned home for some video games (Grand Slam Tennis on the wii is great), some fun conversation, and then eventually got to sleep.  On Friday, I’ll make the quick 1.5 hr drive north to Milwaukee.  After that, the journey turns South for a bit as I make my way to Texas.

Thanks Tanya and Alberto!  (And looking forward to little Julian being born this September!)

Tanya and Alberto


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