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Day 59: The Emerald City

July 28, 2010 14 comments

Location: Seattle, WA

Miles Driven: ~235

Total Miles: 14,139

Around noon on Tuesday I had everything squared away for the next several days of the trip.  I reorganized all the stuff in the car, got some new music and podcasts to play on my stereo, and was stocked up on food and drinks (thanks to Mike, and thanks to Heather’s family for the goodies).  I headed north on I-5 towards Seattle.  Not a far drive by any means, but I took my time, and there were pockets of slowed traffic.  I also took a long break at a rest stop in Washington (which is the first, by the way, where I saw volunteers running a coffee stand), and I didn’t get to Seattle until close to 6PM.

In Seattle I met my friend Ed and his girlfriend, Margaret.  Ed was a year ahead of me in high school, and although that was probably the last time I saw him, he and Margaret welcomed me like I was a friend they’ve known for years.  Margaret is originally from Washington and works for a producer of naturally-flavored sodas, called Zevia.  I’m anxious to try some.  Apparently I’ll be able to find some in Fairbanks, AK, in addition to the Wegman’s back home. 

So Ed took me for a drive around some of the scenic areas in Seattle, and we got out and walked a bit.

Alki Beach

Space Needle

Mini Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach

Sun sets behind the Olympic Mountains

Seattle Skyline. Beautiful City

After a bit of a tour, we made our way to a Thai restaurant called Buddha Ruksa and met up with Margaret.  We shared some great food, along with many laughs.  Ed and I used to play varsity basketball together, and he’s always been a bright guy.  His nickname on the team: “Valedictorian”. 

Tip: don’t eat spicy curry while laughing, or your nose will resemble a faucet.

Veggie rolls

Garlic chicken aka "crack chicken". So good

Pumpkin shrimp curry

My hosts in Seattle - Margaret and Ed

On Wednesday, I’ll make my way west to the Olympic Peninsula and check out some of Olympic National Park.  Olympic is known for covering a wide expanse of climactic zones – mountains, beaches, and even rainforests.

Big thanks to Margaret and Ed.  Seeing these scenic areas and cool cities is one thing, but that’s nothing compared to the conversations and laughter (and the subsequent near-choking) from meeting up with great people.