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Day 38

July 7, 2010 3 comments

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Miles Driven: 301

Total Miles: 8,312

I woke up in time to catch Cata and Jon getting ready for work, and they offered me their house as long as I needed it.  We all said our goodbyes (even Nico did a little wave to me), and I headed out to run some errands.  Got a haircut, cleaned up the car a bit, and then returned to the house to do some laundry and get my things together.

By 11:30 I had hit the road, and I headed east toward downtown Houston to go check out the “Beer Can House”, another recommendation of my buddy John in Georgia.  Apparently it’s a house made of beer cans.  Go figure.  There was a major accident on the route, though, so I took a detour and began the journey north to Ft. Worth.  (If you want to see what the beer can house looks like, click here).  Hmmm.  That’s all I have to say about that.

I made it to Ft. Worth in time to see my friend Kelly’s new house in the suburbs of Ft. Worth.  What a nice home.  I busted her chops before when I knew she was looking for a house (as I am a proud “renter for life”), but she really found a nice place and made it her own.  Pretty amazing.  Congrats Kelly! 

So in a matter of a few days I saw two members of that family, as I saw Christie in Milwaukee and now her sister Kelly in Ft. Worth.  After a quick tour of the new house, we headed to a local bar to meet up with some friends in the area.  Thanks to all the Lockheed friends for coming out, it was great to meet up with some guys I haven’t seen in a long time.

Frank welcoming me to Texas, as Kelly looks on

Matt and me. Matt used to work up in Owego, like me, but I didn't meet him until after I left

My good friend Kenneth and me. Kenneth made the drive from Dallas to meet up. Thanks buddy

Group shot before leaving the bar

I need to add a few details about that group shot there.  From left to right – Samir (aka the “Color Me Green” commenter on this site, big supporter of the trip); Dan – friend from back home in Endwell, haven’t seen him probably since high school; Rich – friend from Bethesda who, in a weird coincidence, has a friend who shares a house with my buddy Sam in NJ; me; Kenneth – always sharply dressed; and Kelly – new homeowner and my host in Ft. Worth.

Ended up staying at the bar til after 9PM.  Great time.

Plan for Wednesday: meet up with some more friends in the area (I’ll have lunch, actually, with a buddy from grade school).  Also, I’ll run some errands and prep for the trip to Big Bend, which is a nine-hour drive from here.

Texas is great, but it’s truly the people that make a place memorable.


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