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Let’s Recap

July 31, 2010 14 comments

Well now that the first portion of my time in the U.S. is over, I figure it’s time to update my map.  Recall that I consider the drive from Maine out to the South and West “Phase 2” of the trip.  Phase 3 is the drive north to Alaska, and Phase 4 is the indirect journey home.

You may recall I had a general goal of getting to the Washington/Canada border around the start of August.  The gods of timing have been with me on this trip, as I arrived in Vancouver just before the end of July.

Here’s what the map looks like now after 61 days on the road (red diamond marks the start of the trip just north of Atlanta).  I tried to match up my lines as best as I could with the routes I took.

The journey so far

It’s not until I spent the time drawing out the map that I realized how much ground I’ve covered.  A lot to go, yet, but I am still enjoying being on the road.

So after two months of driving, it’s time for some Roadtrip Stats:

Miles so far: 14,800

Oil changes: 5

Total gas expenditures: $1,521 (give or take $10)

Most expensive gas: $4.59/gal – Big Sur, CA

Cheapest gas: $2.45/gal – Joplin, MO

States traveled through: 31

Nicest rest areas: Illinois

Not-so-nice rest areas: California

National Parks visited: 9

Crawfish meals wasted: 1

Time zones traveled through: 5

Nephews met: 2

Close calls with deer: 1

Bear encounters: 0

Longest period of facial hair growth: ~2 weeks

Tolls paid: $121.20

Most expensive toll: $11.00 – Verrazano Bridge, New York City, NY (one way!)

Most expensive admission fee: $17.24 – Ausable Chasm, NY

Website hits: 9,738 (thanks everybody)

Website hits, to date, on my original roadtrip blog from 2005: 13,774

Total miles traveled in 2005 road trip: 11,500

Arrival in California for 2005 trip: Day 11

Arrival in California for current trip: Day 50

Some searches that brought people to this site: zion park facts aliens, my favorite place in the world is my bed, how bad are the mosquitos in the cascade, moon star in endwell hour, something bit my ear, joe’s pancakes

Traffic/Speeding tickets: 0

Flat tires: 0

Car searches at Customs: 2

AAA usage: 1 – battery jump

Nights spent camping: 2

Hotel/Motel/B&B stays: 4

Friends/Family homes I’ve stayed in: 25

How lucky am I with that last item?  I’ve been able to crash at 25 different homes.  Thanks to everybody who has offered a place to stay for this vagabond.

With this current foray into Vancouver, Phase 3 of the trip has kicked in.  On August 1 I head further North.  It’s over 2,000 miles from Vancouver to Fairbanks, so I have my work cut out for me.  But it’ll be worth it.