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Day 58: Mazda gets the A-OK

Location: Beaverton, OR

So as I mentioned in the last post, I had scheduled a car appointment with a local Mazda dealership here in Oregon to a) get an oil change, and b) make sure the car is still in good working order before I leave the country and head North.  The technicians said everything was great except they recommended a new set of tires (in fact, one had a slight bulge).  I probably could have gotten a little more life out of the four exisiting tires, but I chose to err on the side of caution and get them replaced while I was still here in the lower 48.  I imagine it would be a bit more complicated, and probably more expensive, if I chose to replace them in Northern Canada or Alaska.

So turns out I paid $600 total on this car appointment, which included an oil change, four new tires, alignment work, and a new air filter.  Thanks so much to my Owego friends who earlier had given me a $100 Visa gift card.  I put that to good use here, since the bill was originally $700.  In the big scheme of things, not a huge expense, given that I had originally set up a very padded budget regarding car maintenance for this trip.  Even with this cost, I remain under-budget overall.

New tires and ready for the major destination

I couldn’t pick the car up til after 4PM, so I decided to stay in Portland one more night (thanks to Mike and Heather for the extended visit).  On Tuesday, I’ll head up to Seattle (about a three hour drive).  I luckily have a place to stay there with a friend from high school.  Seattle is the last major stop in the contiguous 48 states for the next couple weeks.  From there, I head to Vancouver, British Columbia, and beyond.

Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to this cute kid

Thanks again to everybody here in Portland that made me feel right at home.


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  1. The Mommie
    July 27, 2010 at 5:01 pm


    Love the pictures from the party but Sir Nolan stills the scene! Sooo jealous of the wonderful bar-b-que you attended. Think Oregon is the yummiest and friendliest state in the USA!

    Glad you got your car in tip top shape for your next adventure.

    “It is clear that for ‘Joe’ the human race is not a cold abstraction, but a single precious family whose life, interests, responsibilities and well-being are a constant and loving preoccupation.”
    —Adlai Stevenson (speaking about Pope John XXIII)
    Godspeed. Love you much

  2. Mike
    July 27, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Thanks for visiting us. We really enjoyed your stay and you are welcome back anytime. Nolan loved meeting you and he will forever enjoy your song.
    Have a great time as you travel north.

    Heather, Mike and Nolan:)

    • July 30, 2010 at 2:10 pm

      You bet, I had a great time. Keep playing “Big Eyes” for Nolan, and soon he’ll learn some chinese words

  3. July 28, 2010 at 7:48 am

    zoom zoom! Cute nephew.

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