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Days 95-97: From vagabond to bum

Location: Acworth, GA

I’ve been quite spoiled being back home in Georgia.  In the past few days I’ve been here, the most driving I’ve done in one day is 50 miles, and the rest of the time I get to relax and bum around in an air-conditioned house.  It’s so great to be back here.

The focus of my time here has been catching up with some friends.  I’ve played in a work softball game (psst… don’t tell them I don’t work there anymore), and enjoyed some dinners and nights out in Atlanta. Can’t argue with being able to stay indoors at times and play videogames, as well.

I’m also slowly getting the car cleaned up and re-organized once again.  My windshield was replaced on Wednesday afternoon, and I didn’t even have to drive anywhere.  A guy from a local shop just showed up with his tools and in 45 minutes I had a brand new windshield installed at zero cost to me.  I joke with  my sister, Colleen, to whom I’ll be selling the car to when this trip is over – man, she’ll be getting her money’s worth…new headlights, new tires (acquired back in Oregon), and now a new windshield (not to mention bonus items like XM radio, GPS, inverter, and sanitizing wipes).  I’ll be sure to get a picture up of the spruced-up car soon.

I have one more day in this area, Saturday, and then on Sunday morning I will make my way north towards North Carolina to spend a few days.  My friend John arrived late tonight, so looking forward to hanging with him and the rest of my foster family here in the time remaining.

With my buddy Rufus at the Tapas bar. Rufus is a native of my area in New York, but didn't get to know him until I first moved to Georgia

Happy Labor Day to all my friends out there.  Enjoy the last few minutes of summer while you can; rest assured, I will try my best to do the same.


  1. Colleen
    September 4, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I think the sanitizing wipes are the most coveted of that list!

  2. John
    September 4, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    Colleen, he should have mentioned the half bag of charcoal so you can cook out if you are ever stranded on the road way. Of course you will have supply your own food. The trail mix will not grill well

    • September 12, 2010 at 11:00 am

      I am still trying to offload that bag of charcoal…any takers??

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