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Quick Update

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

After driving near 900 miles the past two days, I made it to the capital of the Yukon Territory – Whitehorse.

Laptop battery is running low, and my wifi connection is spotty, so I can’t do a full update right now.  But once I get plugged in and have a strong connection I’ll be sure to post some photos.  This is my last stop before I reach the Alaska/Canada border.  Pretty crazy, right?

I discovered today that both my headlights have gone out (the driver’s side one went out the afternoon prior), and in Canada it’s the law to run your headlights during the day (I could especially understand why after driving through smoky haze caused by the forest fires).  Good thing Whitehorse is a city of some size, so I don’t think it will be difficult to get those replaced in the morning.  After that I am officially, at long last, “Alaska bound.”

You’d think I’d be sick of driving at this point, but the drive has been very scenic.  Mix in some wildlife and friendly people at stops along the way, and it’s hard to beat this.