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Day 64

August 2, 2010 8 comments

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Travis came over in the morning and along with Rose and Peter, we headed out to get some traditional Chinese Dim Sum.  Vancouver has a big Asian community, so I learned it’s not difficult to find authentic foods from the East.  We arrived at the restaurant long before the crowds and were seated right away.  Over the course of about 2 hours or so, we enjoyed a variety of dishes:

sticky rice wrapped in leaves

Chinese porridge

eggplant and tofu

chow mein

Our dessert - little doughy things with jellied sesame seeds in the middle. delicious

Peter and Rose were so incredibly generous treating Travis and I to this great meal.  I enjoyed talking with my temporary landlords, as they both have a passion for traveling and have seen many places.  I also got some great tips on routes north.  Thank you, Rose and Peter.

Great hosts in Vancouver - Rose, Peter, and Travis

We arrived back home around noon and it was then I decided one more day in Vancouver wouldn’t hurt.  I’d have Sunday and Monday morning to get prepped to go, and also have some time for the big brunch to settle.  Grabbed a long nap, did a little planning, and then Travis and I headed out to grab something before it got too late.  We headed to Jericho Beach (recall I visited this beach on my first day in Vancouver), and this time I remembered my camera.

BC flag on the right

great nachos

See the light in the distance? That's on top of Grouse Mountain, where we hiked the day prior

We eventually walked back to Will’s, and then Travis had to head back to his place.  Big thanks to Travis for showing me around his beautiful city.  Not only was it good to have a guide, but just having another dude to hang out with was a blast.  Thanks buddy.  And a big thanks to his brother, Will, for letting me use his apartment these past few days.

With a little trepidation, I gear up for the drive to Alaska.  I know it’s not like I’ll be driving through gravel pits on the way there, but I guess there’s still just a slight bit of unease in the idea.  Wish me luck.

I’ll post more from the road as WiFi connections come available.  The route is out of British Columbia (which will take at least 2 days), then to the Yukon Territory, and then west into Alaska.  In the words of Calvin from my favorite comic strip Calvin & Hobbes – “Yukon Ho!”