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Days 20 and 21: Homestay done, Roadtrip continues

June 20, 2010 2 comments

Location: Forest Hills, NY (Queens)

Miles Driven: 208

Total Miles: 3,753

I had a lot to do on that last full day home (Friday), so I awoke early to get a head start.  In addition to organizing all the items I wanted to take with me on the roadtrip, I wanted to get the car cleaned up a little bit, as well as stock up on some supplies.  It was relatively easy packing the car in Georgia – everything I didn’t ship home I packed in the car.  But now I had to be more selective, as the moving portion was over and I just needed to decide what was needed for the remainder of this trip.  Afterwards, I took my car to get a car wash; 3500 miles or so will make a car look a rough, but after the wash it looked good as new.

Also, it was my hope to make the most of a last night back home, as it probably won’t be until September that I return.  Had a great Thai dinner with my friend Giac and my sister Colleen, and then had a good night out in Binghamton.  Thanks to Brian and Heather for showing us another fun time.


Having procrastinated for a large part of Friday, I spent Saturday morning getting the rest of my stuff together.  Thanks to Colleen for helping me load up and double-check everything.  I’m not returning home until this trip is over, so I was anxious not to forget anything I needed.

I went out to Endicott to visit with a friend (and big supporter of this adventure) Jen, and her daughter Lucy.  I don’t think I’ve seen Lucy since she was a baby – what a cute kid.

Jen and Lucy

Said my goodbyes and since I was in Endicott, I took a quick detour over to Round Top Park.  When I lived in the area, I used to always walk up to this park to get some exercise and get some good views of the area, like so:

A view of Endicott and Vestal

I returned home and finished loading the remainder of the items into the car.  The car was fairly full, but not nearly as stuffed as it was when I started the trip from Georgia.  Who knows, maybe now without the extra ballast my mpg can improve?

All loaded and ready to go. No looking back now.

For the first time on this trip, I was going to have a companion to share the ride.  Since my planned destination for the day was NYC, Colleen came along so she could visit with her friends, and then eventually take a bus back home.  I was somewhat spoiled having her in the car.  Colleen helped open up snacks, took over some driving when I needed a nap, and took some great pictures of the scenic drive.  I had opted to head towards NYC via route 17 (thanks to the recommendation of my friend Mike), and I’m glad we drove that way.  Very beautiful drive.

On the road to NYC

Attack of the killer space bugs!

NYC skyline

After a bit of traffic before the Whitestone Bridge, we finally arrived at our destination – my buddy Mike’s place in Queens.  Mike and I went to grad school together and have been friends now for almost five years.  Fun fact: Mike’s from Hyde Park, NY, and the grammar school he attended was a part of the church where my parents were married – Regina Ceili.  Small world.

Mike and his girlfriend Sarah

Colleen eventually headed towards Manhattan, as Mike and I were going to make our way to Astoria.  Thanks for everything, Colleen!  See you in September.

View of the RFK Bridge from the Astoria Blvd. subway station

In Astoria, we were planning to meet up with some friends from school at the Bohemia Beer Hall and Garden.  Great venue.  Unfortunately, a couple folks couldn’t make it (thanks for trying Milton and Anindita!), but I got to see my old friend Manisha, meet her boyfriend Barun, and my friend Georgie came, as well.  Of course, we made sure to get plenty of pictures from the night out:

The Binghamton University crew

We eventually returned to Mike’s home in Forest Hills and I immediately passed out.  On Sunday, the tentative plan is to visit a relative in New Jersey and grab a bite with a friend in Connecticut, as I work my way towards Rhode Island.  I haven’t been to Rhode Island since I was a kid.  Looking forward to it.