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Day 17

June 16, 2010 5 comments

Location: Endwell, NY

What a great feeling to sleep in my own bed.  I woke up early to get cracking on unloading the car and unpacking some boxes.  I’ll have to choose carefully what I decide to unpack vs. what I decide to keep in boxes, as probably a lot of stuff will be going into storage come January.

My parents have been quite generous in keeping space aside for my belongings, in addition to the belongings of my sister Colleen, plus some belonging to Yona, a Korean student who lived in the house for a year.  Our basement now somewhat resembles a warehouse, but soon I’ll get my stuff squared away, and Colleen will probably be moving out shortly, and then the basement will be looking pristine like it did before.

Drowning in a sea of boxes

Attended the St. Joseph’s School (our K-8 school for all of us kids) graduation that evening.  It was a nice ceremony, though a bit sad in that it’s the last class to graduate.  Next school year, St. Joe’s will be merged with another Catholic school in the area, but it was a nice end to a school that’s been around for decades.

Colleen and me before the graduation

After the graduation, Colleen and I headed to a local bar to meet up with some old friends for team trivia.  When I was living in the area a few years ago, I played trivia with these guys all the time, with the occasional win.  We didn’t win this time, but it’s always fun to play.

Trivia Question for this post: What year did the first Toy Story come out?  (I happened to know this one).  Post your guess in the comment section!

Great to see some old friends again.  I was able to make a little collage with Picasa to capture all the different photos.

After hanging out some more with siblings Brian and Heather, and Colleen, we returned home.  Interestingly enough when I got out of the car, I realized I could see a good amount of stars in the sky from our house in the suburbs.  I wasn’t able to see as many at my homes in MD and GA, and once I moved to our backyard the amount was even greater.  I decided to take out the camera again and try to get some star shots, and I had a couple that turned out pretty cool:

Trees, clouds, and some stars

Bowl of the Big Dipper shining in between the clouds

Ursa Major nice and bright

Vega in Lyra shining bright

Stars above our neighbor's tree

Ended up being outside until about 1:30AM.  Definitely a great night to be outdoors.  Can’t wait until I eventually work my way West and can see even more stars.