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Days Away

May 25, 2010 10 comments

Man, the time since I wrote the “One month away” post has certainly flown by.  It’s now May 25; only two days of work remain, and then I’ll use the weekend to finish final preparations. I’m planning to hit the road the morning of Sunday the 30th.

I have dramatically lightened my car load since the move from Bethesda in January.  Thanks to my parents in NY for accepting a few shipments of clothes, books, and other odds and ends that should give me a little more space in the car.  When I moved down to Georgia, my car was filled to capacity…to a point where I couldn’t even recline the seat for naps (and for those who know me, I always need a few of those on a long drive).  But now I should have some breathing room, and when I pass through my home in NY in mid-June, I’ll be able to drop off the items I won’t need on my travels.

Between family and friends, I’m lucky to know a good number of people along the first leg of the trip (southeast and northeast US), so I’ve had to create a little bit of a plan to figure out where I’ll visit and when I’ll stop.  Also, I’m trying not to show up at too many people’s doorstops unannounced.  I have few big constraints on my schedule; the only one I consider “major” is that I want to start the journey to Alaska around the start of August (i.e. be in British Columbia or Alberta by that time, heading North).  So a slight plan to manage the stops along this first phase of the trip is good, as once I get to the Midwest and West, the friends/family I know become farther scattered.

That being said, here’s a rough outline to the start of my trip.  If anyone has any suggestions of places along the way to check out (e.g. scenic drives, holes in the wall, restaurants, etc.) please do share in the comment section.

Depart: Sunday, May 30

All Dates/Destinations approximate.  I’m mentioning major places, but there will be a number of smaller spots visited in-between. Some visits will be short stays, others will be extended stops.  (remember, flexibility is key)

May 30

  • Huntsville, AL
  • Make way to New Orleans, La

May 31 – June 2

  • Explore New Orleans a little bit
  • Explore FL Panhandle

June 2-3

  • FL: Clearwater, Orlando, Cape Canaveral

June 4-6

  • Drive along east Georgia
    • Savannah

June 6-8

  • Drive up to NC
    • Charleston, SC
    • Myrtle Beach
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Raleigh, NC

June 8-10

  • Portsmouth/Virginia Beach, VA

June 10-13

  • Bethesda, MD
  • Washington, DC

June 13-15

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Southern NJ

June 15-19

  • HOME – Endwell, NY

June 19-20

  • New York City, NY
  • Northern NJ

June 21-24

  • Rhode Island
  • Boston, MA?
  • New Hampshire

June 25-27

  • Portland, ME
  • Acadia National Park

June 27-29

  • NE Maine
  • Nova Scotia

After that, the journey will turn in a westerly direction as I head out to explore the Midwest and Western US.

I’m excited for this first leg of the trip.  In the month of June I’ll be seeing some longtime friends, friends from grad school, immediate family, extended family members, and more, as well as getting to see some historic places.


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