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Quick Update

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

After driving near 900 miles the past two days, I made it to the capital of the Yukon Territory – Whitehorse.

Laptop battery is running low, and my wifi connection is spotty, so I can’t do a full update right now.  But once I get plugged in and have a strong connection I’ll be sure to post some photos.  This is my last stop before I reach the Alaska/Canada border.  Pretty crazy, right?

I discovered today that both my headlights have gone out (the driver’s side one went out the afternoon prior), and in Canada it’s the law to run your headlights during the day (I could especially understand why after driving through smoky haze caused by the forest fires).  Good thing Whitehorse is a city of some size, so I don’t think it will be difficult to get those replaced in the morning.  After that I am officially, at long last, “Alaska bound.”

You’d think I’d be sick of driving at this point, but the drive has been very scenic.  Mix in some wildlife and friendly people at stops along the way, and it’s hard to beat this.


Hitting the Road

May 30, 2010 5 comments

Well, today is the day.  Despite spending a lot of Friday and all day Saturday getting prepared, I’m still not quite 100% ready to take off, but I will be soon.  I was slow to get going back in 2005 when I traveled cross-country, and was specifically trying to avoid that, but it happened again.  Oh well, maybe it’s a good thing…the last trip went really well, despite the slow start.

So the car is almost fully packed, just a few odds and ends and then I’m off.  First stop – Madison, AL to visit my aunt and uncle.

At the beginning

So as you can see, I have just over 58,000 miles on my car right now.  Not sure what the odometer will look like by the end of the trip.  Any guesses out there?  I’m prepared to go about 30k miles…we’ll see what happens.

Just need to go fill up the tank now, and then hit up the grocery store.  Donna makes a great trail mix that would never last long with me around, so she kindly stocked me up with roughly a month’s supply of trail mix:

Pounds of deliciousness

Chances are it’ll take me maybe a week or two, tops, to polish all of that off.

All right, no more stalling.  I’m a little nervous, having given up a reliable job I’ve had for four years, but I know this upcoming trip and my near-term plans are the right thing for me.

See you all out there in this beautiful country.


Welcome / One month away

May 2, 2010 8 comments

Hi everyone –

Welcome to  In just about a month I will be hitting the road for the summer – a trip many years in the making.  To learn more about me and the trip, take a look at the tabs above.

So I’ve been busy preparing for what will be a summer’s worth of driving – getting the car prepped, getting my outdoor gear together, and shipping some boxes home (I am moving, after all).  More importantly, I’ve been also looking at the places I want to visit and the people I plan to see out there on the road.  Between recommendations from friends, books, and websites I have plenty of destinations/scenic drives in mind, not to mention all the places I didn’t visit in my last cross-country road trip.

There’s a lot of work to do yet before I start the trip, but it’s been a thrill to prepare…I just can’t wait to get behind the wheel.


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